ASRS 2016


San Antonio, TX – November 17-19, 2016


Thursday Evening, Nov. 17, 6:30-9:30 pm – Texas Ballroom, Grand Hyatt

6:30-7:45 pm         ASRS Registration and Reception

Reception provided by North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

 7:45-9:00 pm         Paper Session I: Ministerial and Ecclesiological Visions

Tarsee Li, Oakwood University, presiding

Dave Gemmell, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists—The Pastor of Our Dreams: What the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America Wants and How they Might Actually Get It      

Petr Činčala, Andrews University—Vibrant, Healthy, Growing Church

9:00-9:30 pm         Business Session I

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University, presiding

 Friday Morning, Nov. 18, 8:00-11:50 am – Texas Ballroom, Grand Hyatt

8:00-8:15 am         Devotional

Esther R. Knott, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists—The Church of God’s Dreams

8:15-9:55 am         Paper Session II: Biblical and Theological Visions

Hans Gutierrez, Italian Adventist Theological Seminary of Florence, presiding

Jan Barna, Newbold College—The Church of Our Dreams Knows How to Tell the Bible and Its Fundamental Beliefs as One Powerful Story

Alden Thompson, Walla Walla University—Can Peter, Paul, and Apollos Live Together in Peace in Adventism?

Erik C. Carter, Loma Linda University—The Church of My Dreams: A Practical Theologian’s Perspective

Clinton Baldwin, Indepdendent SDA Scholar—The Church of Our Dreams: Managing Theological Challenges

9:55-10:10 am       Business Session II

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University, presiding

10:10-10:20 am    BREAK

 10:20-11:35 am    Paper Session III: Visions for Inclusion

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University, presiding

Charles Scriven, Spectrum Magazine—Why Catholicity Matters: Towards an Adventist Ecumenism

Joshua A. Ménedez, Claremont School of Theology—Dreaming Beyond The Flesh: Towards a Relational Adventist Ecotheology for a Global Age

Guillherme L. Borda, Andrews University—The Church Within Oppression: The Ethical Challenge of the Messianic Apocalyptic Movement

11:35-11:50 am    Business Session III

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University, presiding

11:50-1:30 pm       LUNCH

Friday Afternoon, Nov. 18, 1:30-5:30 pm – Texas Ballroom, Grand Hyatt

1:30-3:10 pm         Paper Session IV: Visions of the Pioneers

Dave Williams, Andrews University, presiding

John Skrzypaszek, Avondale College of Higher Education—The Time of Crisis and Prophetic Imagination

Kevin Burton, Florida State University—Cracking the Whip to Make a Perfect Church: The Unholy Cleansing of the “Adventist Temple” in Battle Creek on April 6, 1870           

 Christie Chui-Shan Chow, Chinese Adventist Seminary, Hong Kong—The Making of An Ideal Chinese Adventist Church: The Chen Family and the Rise of Wilderness Adventists in Maoist China

Zorislav Plantak, Andrews University—Abuses of Power in the Church of My Dreams: The Moral and Practical Lessons From the “Kingly Power” Issue in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

3:10-3:30 pm         Business Session IV             

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University, presiding

3:30-4:30 pm         Sectional Meetings

Christian Theology and History: Martin Hanna, Andrews University, convener

New Testament: Erhard Gallos, Andrews University, convener

Old Testament: Alden Thompson, Walla Walla University, convener

Philosophy and Ethics: Zane Yi, Loma Linda University, and

Timothy Golden, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, conveners

Practical Theology: Ernie Furness, Southeastern California Conference, convener

World Religions/Missiology: Paul Dybdahl, Walla Walla University, convener

4:30-5:30 pm         Special Meetings

Black Theology Group: Leslie Pollard, Oakwood University

Women in Theology Group: Ginger Hanks-Harwood, La Sierra University, convener

Friday Evening, Nov. 18, 6:30 pm – La Quinta Inn and Suites Riverwalk 303 Blum St., San Antonio, TX 78205

ASRS-ATS Unity Meal and Presidential Addresses

Tarsee Li, Washington Adventist University and Lael Caesar, Adventist Review, presiding

Joint Society Dinner

ASRS Presidential Address, Teresa Reeve, Andrews University—Waiting for the Kingdom         

ATS Presidential Address, Felix Cortez, Andrews University—Inspired Preachers and Homiletical License: The Use of Ps. 95 in Hebrews 3–4                                          

Sabbath Morning, Nov. 19, 9:00 am–12:00 pm – Texas Ballroom, Grand Hyatt

9:00-10:20 am       Paper Session V: The Promise of Adventism

Erik Carter, Loma Linda University, presiding

Panel Discussion—Does Adventism Inspire Young Adventists?

  • Erik C. Carter, Loma Linda University (moderating)
  • Janice De-Whyte, Loma Linda University
  • Marlene Ferreras, La Sierra University
  • Yi Shen Ma, Adventist Peace Fellowship
  • Jody Washburn, Walla Walla University
  • Zane Yi, Loma Linda University

10:25-10:40 am    Ranko Stefanovic, Andrews University; Tom Shepherd, Andrews University, Festschrift

10:45-10:55 am    BREAK

10:55-11:10 am    Worship

Southwestern Adventist University  

11:15 am                Sermon

Dave Weigley, President, Columbia Union Conference—The Church of My Dreams: Embracing Grace, Empowering All


  1. Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists
  2. Election of nominating committee
  3. ASRS statement on church unity
  4. Election of Vice President
  5. Approval of Minutes
  6. Communications Director: Verify and vote; Vote on name change from Newsletter Editor
  7. Professional/Academic Integrity among ASRS Members
  8. IBMTE Handbook
  9. Future ASRS topic
  10. Any Other Business

Current Officers

Teresa Reeve, president

Olive Hemmings, president-elect

Tarsee Li, vice-president

Zdravko Plantak, secretary/treasurer

Erik C. Carter, communications

The next meeting of ASRS will take place on November 16-18, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts.

*A KIND REMINDER: Papers presented at academic meetings are works-in-progress intended to provide the opportunity to explore along with other scholars ideas that emerge from rigorous research. Papers are not to be shared, cited, or used for evaluative purposes without permission from the presenter. 

*CALL FOR PAPERS: The Adventist Society for Religious Studies invites proposals for brief scholarly papers to be presented at the 2016 meeting in San Antonio, Texas on the theme: The Church of My Dreams. We look for a variety of approaches to the theme. Papers from all disciplines and ideological streams are welcome. Below is a list of some of the areas that your research may explore: biblical, theological, ethical, philosophical, Seventh–day Adventist history, E.G. White studies, practical ministry, and church leadership. Paper presentations are limited to eighteen minutes with five to eight minutes of questions and discussion at the conclusion of your presentation. A 200-word abstract must accompany your proposal.